Muay Thai Championship 1.0

Muay Thai Championship 1.0: You are participating at the Muay Thai championship! This is the best free fighting game ever! You are participating at the Muay Thai championship. By each level you win you get to fight a stronger opponent. You have all kind of fighting options. You can jump, kick, turn duck. You can combine duck and kick, jump and turn, jump an kick....This Muay Thai game is for real martial arts lovers. Download and play for free this best martial arts game ever!

Colonization Hex 1.0.0: How fast can you conquer the area?
Colonization Hex 1.0.0

In this game there will be a map filled with colored grids. Your colony starts with the home grid in the center of the map marked by a flag. The goal of the game is to turn all the grids into the same color. You can change the color of your home grid and all connected grids by clicking on other colored grids in the map. Continue the process and you will be able to turn all grids into the same color. The fewer the moves, the higher your score.

colonized, colony, territory, colour, turf, area, colonize, flip, colonizatoin, color, settler, colonizing

Multiplayer Doodle Memory 1.0.1: Compete to memorise related items
Multiplayer Doodle Memory 1.0.1

In this game there will be 20 boxes. You and your opponent will take turn to open the boxes in pairs, if the pair of pictures shown are related, then you earn some score and can continue to open another pair of boxes, if the pictures are not related, then the boxes are covered and the other player can take turn to open the boxes. If you can open matching pairs of boxes consecutively, then you can earn extra bonus scores.

memory games, relation, cards, pictures, doodle

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Aye Time Switch Pro 5.19

AYE Time Switch Pro is a multi-function software that automatically executes programs at pre-defined time. Specifically, it can synchronize your PC`s time to atomic clock servers, turn off/reboot/logoff the computer, turn off the monitor only, disconnect from the Internet, and execute one or a group of programs.

luncher, shut, down

PC Satellite TV 2011.15: Turn your Computer into a Super TV!
PC Satellite TV 2011.15 - Instantly Turn your Computer into a Super TV! Download our software and enjoy over 4000 Channels from all over the world for free, directly from your internet connection! Enjoy unlimited TV Shows, Sports, Movies, Music, and Adult Programs. Turn any PC into another television. Best of all, it`s 100% legal - no scramblers, no decoders needed! - NO EXTRA HARDWARE OR TV CARD REQUIRED. - NO SUBSCRIPTIONS!.. EVER!

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Woody Ball 1.0.9

Turn 3 or more balls of the same color into a line! It`s a Deluxe Crystal Ball Puzzle Game! Woody Ball will bring you to a new world of ball removing. You can play Woody Ball during your coffee break or for an evening of fun. Turn and remove balls of the same color that are connected horizontally or vertically. It requires more skill and thought. Woody Ball supports multi-player.

pc game, woody ball, game, puzzle, arcade

Paraben`s Reversum 2.3: Play an othello/reversi game with great graphics.
Paraben`s Reversum 2.3

Paraben`s Reversum is an eye-catching version of the challenging game known as othello or reversi. The object of the game is to turn as many of the opponent`s tiles over as you can. Play against the computer, another person, or over the Internet. Save & load games, view graphs & instant replays of the game, and turn hints on or off. Choose from three different difficulty levels, but be prepared for a challenge at even the easiest difficulty.

strategy, game, othello, board, tile, reversi

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